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About us

SPR Athlete Factory is a premium gym with two locations in the heart of Stockholm. We specialize in functional physical performance training or, as we prefer to call it, Body Mechanics. We also offer high level Martial Arts training, both in groups (BJJ/NoGi/Striking) and through Personal Training (BJJ/NoGi/Muay Thai/MMA/Boxing/Judo).


Our founder Waldo Zapata is a 4:th degree BJJ Black Belt, an accomplished Pro MMA-coach and has been working professionally with martial arts and functional training in different forms for the last 20 years. He will, together with his team of active and/or former elite athletes and certified trainers, take good care of you and your body. Whether you want to develop your athletic skills, improve your strength, rehab an injury or prepare for a Pro MMA fight, fighting at Lumpini Stadium, a big IBJJF tournament or if you just want to train for fun, learn a new skill set and get in good shape, then SPR Athlete Factory is for you!


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