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Carl Nordqvist

Calle REALLY loves training – both himself and others. He’s currently a BJJ and MMA student under our head coach Waldo Zapata but has a lifetime of experience from a wide variety of sports and activities. He recently found this way back to martial arts, having previously focused on CrossFit and high-level power lifting. This impressive professional training CV means he’s one of our strongest team members, who also knows how to grapple and throw a punch – but don’t worry, he’s as soft as a teddybear at heart. 

Calle has more than seven years of experience as a group training instructor and licensed personal trainer, with further specialization in Kettlebells, Dynamic Mobility, Olympic Lifting and Power Lifting. He is also a certified sports masseur and will help you improve both your strength and overall fitness. When he’s not leading our Body Mechanics classes or helping clients in the gym, you will usually find him on the mat or just hanging out at our City gym – he is always happy to help with your training! 

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