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Mark Hamilton

Even though Mark, with his past as a former rugby player and military officer, at first might seem intimidating you will soon be charmed by his New Zeeland-accent and pleasant demeanor. Mark is self-proclaimed funniest trainer at the gym. This statement might be up for debate, but one thing that is not is his competence as a personal trainer and group trainer. Mark has numerous diplomas, including Mobility, Nutrition and Strength and Conditioning.


Mark enjoys calisthenics more than most and will not back down on a challenge to do either front or back-levers or a human flag.


If you want to learn more from this wise young man regarding where the body tends to lack strength, mobility or stability in kinetic chains, then you will benefit from PT-sessions with Mark.


You will meet Mark most often in City on classes like: Mobility & Stability, Metcon, Lifting for Power, Power Conditioning and Express. Come and see if he is as fun as he says.

Vi använder cookies för att tillhandahålla de tjänster och funktioner som erbjuds på vår hemsida, och för att ge våra användare en bra upplevelse. LÄS MER

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