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Our excellent team of instructors & staff


Fredric Moberg

Let us introduce you to our Chef extraordinaire Mandorf Aronsson (@mandwarf). He’s in charge of our kitchen and is the mastermind behind evolving our menu! Healthy doesn’t have to be boring and decadent doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Again, he is a magician! Before he came to us he worked as Head Chef at restaurant Himlen, working with meticulous attention to detail in a high level restaurant. That has not changed!


Besides being an experienced magician in the kitchen, who makes delicious and healthy food, he is also a fierce Jiu-jitsu practitioner and holds a black belt under Professor Waldo Zapata.


Vi använder cookies för att tillhandahålla de tjänster och funktioner som erbjuds på vår hemsida, och för att ge våra användare en bra upplevelse. LÄS MER

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