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Our excellent team of instructors & staff



Jackie Sogell

Jackie is our yoga instructor and also runs her own yoga studio, SANDBOX, next door to our CITY-location (all SPR-members get a discount on clip-cards when signing up in their studio. Bring your members card and say hi to Jackie and Yasemin). 


She has a background as a professional dancer, educated at The Ballet Academy in Stockholm and through her career as a dancer, she knows how to deal with injuries, pain, and sore muscles, and have found yoga to be a great complement to her life - keeping her both strong, flexible and grounded, in both body and mind.


She wants her yoga classes to be a complement to your life too, helping you achieve your goals in other areas of your life - such as your power conditioning classes, BJJ-training or play with your children on the floor without feeling too stiff, you name it! So, do not enter the yoga room thinking you should become the next “Yoga Guru”, instead, come and stretch your body (and mind) to later feel strong, flexible and calm in your everyday-life outside the yoga room.


Yoga with Jackie:

Wednesday’s 07.00 at SPR CITY

Vi använder cookies för att tillhandahålla de tjänster och funktioner som erbjuds på vår hemsida, och för att ge våra användare en bra upplevelse. LÄS MER

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