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Johan’s specialization is primarily Muay Thai, but he is very knowledgeable in all striking disciplines. He has been practicing Martial Arts since he was seven years old and when he was 18, he moved to China to train with Shaolin Monks(!).

He trained eight hours a day, for almost four years. That is what we call passionate! He has a fighting record of 14-5 and lives, breathes and dreams stand-up fighting. He is also a very good and knowledgeable Strength and Conditioning Coach.

With a bunch of diplomas from Bosön (one of Sweden’s finest Sports Institutions) in the trunk, he has a genuine and solid knowledge of training and knows how to make you reach your fitness goals.

Today he puts full focus on coaching top level fighters and getting his non-fighting clients in peak shape! When he is not in Thailand to deepen his knowledge of the sport, you will find him at SPR Athlete Factory as a professional Fighter Coach and Personal Trainer.


Johan "Motivator" Åkerberg

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