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Our own Russian bear!

He is a Lic. Personal Trainer since 2009 and is a star when it comes to Kettlebells and Powerlifting. He is educated through Eleiko, primarily in Strength Training but also Dynamic Functional Mobility, Corrective exercise, Small Group Sports Performance and TRX.

Micke’s skills are as solid as a rock, when it comes to technique and programming for strength and heavy kettlebell series. He is also a pro at helping you with your food and diet, to help you perform in the gym or on the mat.

You are sure to meet Micke if you take any of our Lifting for Strength or Kettlebell classes, where he will guide the group with a firm and safe hand, focusing on getting you to lift with proper technique!


Micke Börjeson Zakharov

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118 52 Stockholm


Eriksbergsgatan 8B

114 30 Stockholm

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