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Mikael Marffy

Marffy has practised the art of Judo since he was 5 years old and is today a 3rd Dan Black Belt. In 2012 he also received his Black Belt in BJJ, from Waldo Zapata. He teaches a class mainly focusing on takedowns, based on his tremendous Judo knowledge combined with his expertise in BJJ.

If you are struggling with the Stand-up game, then his classes are the remedy! A more competition proven instructor is hard to come by. How about a total of more than 30 Swedish Championship Gold Medals, in the sports of Judo, Submission Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu? Not convinced? How about 5 European Championship Golds? Or maybe a couple of World Championship Gold Medals? When it comes to winning, this guy knows more than a few things that work and he is happy to share!