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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a relatively young martial art, having been created about a hundred years ago. Focusing on grappling and ground fighting, it relies on the principles of leverage and proper technique to facilitate the practitioner to obtain dominant control on the ground, where it provides the practitioner a huge arsenal of tools to resolve conflict in the form submission holds.

BJJ has become increasingly popular due in part to its great success in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). It was made famous by the Gracie Family, mainly by Royce Gracie in the early UFC’s. Today, every elite level MMA athlete practises BJJ in some form. However, it has it’s roots in self-defence and has also developed into a sport that is unique in its way of offering a competitive possibility to pretty much anybody, regardless of age, gender and skill level.



This Program teaches the core fundamentals of how to maximize your own physical capacity by understanding the concepts of Leverage, Weight Distribution, Connection, Frames and Wedges. These tools are then used to direct you to safety in every grappling exchange, so that you can have a solid base and eventually build your own offense!



This Program is designed for experienced Blue Belts and fresh Purple Belts who want to to develop combination attacks, to drastically increase scoring ability. It also arms the student with sharp finishing skills!



This Program is developed for the advanced grappler, with a solid technical foundation, and aims to greatly improve the strategic understanding of different situations and opponents and how to chose between efficiency and effectivity! It also offers in-depth details of more advanced technical solutions to complex problems.


This Program is heavily geared towards the specific wrestling strategies and techniques required in the environment of ground grappling without a Gi. It is equally suited for IBJJF and ADCC Rules and it is very easy to adapt towards MMA.



Complete Body Workout & Metabolic Boost. Our HIIT Circuit is a well engineered class, based on easy-to-do and highly adaptable movements. This class will be 30 minutes of full throttle action and will leave you soaked!


These classes focus on either Olympic Lifting, the most explosive form of barbell lifting there is, or true Power Lifting through the most classical lifting techniques. Expect world class instruction, solid results and great technical progress. The main tool is the barbell but there will be lots of exercise add-ons, to compliment and diversify the training experience. Wanna get strong? This is it.



High Intensity Cardio & Specified Target Strength. These classes are our foundation classes, originally developed by Waldo Zapata. They are made up of easy-to-follow athletic exercises, performed in varying and challenging intervals and formats. The strength focus varies between upper and lower body, but the cardio focus is constant!



Great for developing grip strength, great shoulder function and overall strength. It’s technical, it’s challenging and it’s fun!



Combining heavy strength work and high heart rate is a well known potent combination to get your metabolism kick-started and your conditioning elevated! These 60-minute classes will leave you gasping for air, smiling with joy and wanting more. Expect technical challenges for your body, a lot of sweat and a bunch of smiles and high fives! MetCon mixes elements from all of our repertoire and the work will always vary from day to day!



Depending on your prerequisities, your body might need more mobility or stability for you to be able to perform at your best. These classes will give you tools to understand your individual needs and improve both your movement performance and your strength training.


 An intensive diaphragmatic breathing session aimed to lower cortisol levels. It will contain a range of alternate breathing patterns including breath holds aimed at stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system. The result will leave you feeling relaxed focused and ready to perform for the rest of the day. Take in account this is called Breath’work’ for a reason, it’s not easy. 

Avoid if pregnant or have any heart problems.  


You think you are strong? Prove it. Or become it! This class covers a whole new level of strength training. Think Hercules. Or the Hulk. Or Bamse..


Hatha Yoga, where we guide the body through a flow of different poses, letting it explore the balance between strength and flexibility together with the breath. Suitable for everyone, regardless of experience!


A surprise Body Mechanics class! You can't be prepared but you can book a spot! Bring dedicated indoor shoes and long tights.
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