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Sara Ida Eriksson - ON MATERNITY LEAVE

A former Handball player who found a love for barbells and kettlebells.

She’s a licensed Personal Trainer. She is educated specifically in Functional Strength, Dynamic Mobility, Kettlebells and Group Training. She can also help you with ta tailored nutritional program, if you really want to up your performance and results. When it comes to lifting, she is one of our trainers that can help you with both power lifting and the basics in the technically challenging sport Olympic Lifting.

She is also one of three (Louise Sondlo & Madeleine Rollerhagen, is the other two) of our trainers who are educated in pregnancy and post partum training. So you pregnant women out there, who need some support, training tips or programming during this time and after – we got you covered! Sara is also leading a bunch of our group classes. Both the Body Mechanics classes on the mat as well as some Lifting for Strength classes in the gym!