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Meet Sebbe. One of our latest additions to the SPR Trainer Team. Sebbe is leading our new class SPR FIGHTING on Tuesdays and Thursdays at our City gym (all levels, come try it out!). He‘s specialized in MMA and is an old student to our head coach and MMA wizard @waldozapata. He is also Coach and Manager to one of Sweden’s new MMA stars, Karl Albrektsson. So training for Sebbe and attending our fighting classes, you will get the real deal!


Outside of his classes, he is an excellent certified Personal Trainer with a lot of experience and a bunch of diplomas under his belt. In both Strength and Conditioning as well as in the field of nutrition. Sebbe is also a certified youth trainer. When not training people or coaching MMA stars, he’s living in the world of Biohacking. Sebbe is one of the cofounders of @biohacking_collective. A platform on all things in health optimization. Sounds interesting? Go give them a follow!


Sebastian Cepeda

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118 52 Stockholm


Eriksbergsgatan 8B

114 30 Stockholm

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