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Sebastian Cepeda

Meet Sebbe. He’s specialized in MMA and is a retired professional fighter with a lifetime of experience in the martial arts world. He is also an old student of our head coach and MMA wizard Waldo Zapata. Over 10 years of experience in coaching professional athletes and to this day he still Coaches and Manages a lot of Sweden’s new MMA stars. With that said, training with Sebbe, you will get the real deal!

Outside of the fighting world, he is an excellent certified Personal Trainer with a lot of experience and a bunch of diplomas under his belt. In both Strength and Conditioning, Functional training and in the field of nutrition and health.

He is also a specialized and certified trainer for youth and children.

When he isn't training people or coaching MMA stars, he’s living in the world of Biohacking. Sebbe is one of the co-founders of Biohacking Collective. A platform on all things in health optimization. Sounds interesting? Go give them a follow!

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